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Are You The Only One Standing In Your Way?

I know you’re all working hard to build yourselves a better life, to be more happy, loving and grateful, to take care of your body, live well, be active and help the environment to make this a wonderful place for your children. Life would be great if outside forces stopped throwing salt into the soup.… Continue reading Are You The Only One Standing In Your Way?

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How To Muscle Test Yourself

Learn Self Muscle Testing For Allergies And Intolerance To Food! Acquire valuable resources through the power of Kinesiology, while benefiting from a little extra confirmation and a lot more clarity! Become an expert in testing optimal choices for yourself and others. See the video here: http://www.willow4u.com/meetup_selftest.php Jan White said: “Very interesting, informational, and extremely interested… Continue reading How To Muscle Test Yourself

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I’m Pain Free

Years of postural stress, from kitchen work to mural and ceiling painting, Left me for years with a painful pain in my shoulders and neck. I tried acupuncture, chiropractors adjustments, and physical deep massage therapy… Pain And Discomfort After several visit at an osteopath office, I was told that I was suffering from arthritis in… Continue reading I’m Pain Free

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Time For New Beginnings

As you probably know the time between Christmas and New Year is the best time to get unstuck and move forward. This means that this special phase can be used for a personal reboot to remove all the garbage of this year, and step into the New Year with a fresh and clear mind, body… Continue reading Time For New Beginnings

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From this gift will come many…

Willow’s Life Mapping Gift Certificate Get Unstuck, Regain Independence, Find Inner Freedom, Discover Peace Of Mind, Enhance Creativity & So Much More… Print The Gift Certificate Directly From Your Computer, It’s That Simple! Only Takes A Few Minutes For The Perfect Holiday Gift. http://www.willow4u.com/gifts | Download This Image Here