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I’m Pain Free

Years of postural stress, from kitchen work to mural and ceiling painting, Left me for years with a painful pain in my shoulders and neck.

I tried acupuncture, chiropractors adjustments, and physical deep massage therapy…

Pain And Discomfort

After several visit at an osteopath office, I was told that I was suffering from arthritis in my cervical vertebra’s.

When I landed on Rita’s table I was skeptical at first, but I was impress by her innovative and noninvasive approach.

The day after the treatment, I felt my energy level was low, I reported my sensations to Rita, I was told that my body was actually working to readjust itself.

The day after the pain was gone.  I am pain free since.

I wanted to learn this great technique, and now I am a graduate of the third level of the Willow System.


Thank you, Rita

Sergio Mitrotti

Owner And Chef: Café Sistina Honolulu Hawaii


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