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Are You The Only One Standing In Your Way?

I know you’re all working hard to build yourselves a better life, to be more happy, loving and grateful, to take care of your body, live well, be active and help the environment to make this a wonderful place for your children.

Life would be great if outside forces stopped throwing salt into the soup. We have to work where the boss is a pain and sometimes the problems can come from within our own families, our parents, our children, our sibling and so on.

The truth is that you can try your hardest to create an isolated system for yourself and the ones you love, but there is no such thing as an isolated system. This leads to stress, frustration, anger, sadness and depression, all or which will have an effect on your physical body, making you weak and prone to illness.

Rita Harrison from Germany is dedicated to helping people deal with the overlap.

Her unique European integrated healing approach draws on her training as both a naturopath and physical therapist, as well as on her extensive research on breaking through unproductive patterns through kinesiology, craniosacral therapy, chakra work, solutions-focused coaching, family constellation and energy work.

She works simultaneously on emotional, physical, energetic, and spiritual challenges and also addresses stuck family patterns, creating remarkable healing for clients in very short time.

Her approach, which she calls the Willow System, leads you to access your own inner healer to uncover the ultimate root cause of a problem, whether emotional or physical, allowing for deep recovery, often in just a few sessions. According to Dr. Judy Daniels, a professor at the University of Hawaii:

“From my personal experience, I found that Willow System was able to quickly assess issues, get to root causes, and effect personal change within one session. It is truly one of the most effective and efficient therapeutic approaches that I have experienced in my 25 years as a mental health professional.”

Extraordinarily rapid healing is a theme that runs through most testimonials involving chronic problems. Mitsuyo Lani Suzuki says:

“She alleviated the chronic back pain that I had for the past three years using body re-organization techniques and gave me much insight into the stress I was carrying on my shoulders. She provided concrete solutions and techniques to help re-pattern my way of thinking so that I could live a more healthy and productive life”

Joan Levy
Joan Levy

Transformational Psychospiritual Therapist
Body Mind & Breath Center
Kapaa HI 96746

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