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How To Know What’s Good For You And What’s Not

Our human system can be compared to a water barrel where raindrops drop in year after year and as long as our barrel isn’t full our body is capable of compensating and pretending that everything is ok.

Traumas, accidents, and all kind of different experiences with family, friends, colleges, or teachers, as well as dental treatments, operations and so on fill it up until, one last little drop makes it overflow, bringing with it a deluge of unrelated symptoms.

What does that mean?It means that a small incident, even something that we didn’t consciously register, can shut us down from one moment to the next. The last drop brings everything that we built up for so long to an overflow and our body now overcompensates:

Our health gets gradually worse, or more and more unstable, as we tell ourselves “this is normal when we get older”. Not knowing anymore what true alignment is, or what’s normal!

Our relationships become burdening, robbing us of energy and we become more and more impatient with ourselves and others, sabotaging our private relationships, family and business life enormously.

Our goals get unclear, or we don’t trust ourselves anymore. We work harder and harder, developing a bad conscience when we don’t work. Our mind just doesn’t stop thinking about work whereas the pressure eats up our physical strength.

When we’re stressed our nervous system loses the distinction between what’s good for us and what’s not, who’s good for us and who’s not with the consequence that it tries to protect us from everything – even the good things.

 We get used to aches and pain, allergies, metabolic problems and loss of focus and start learning to live with it, whereas having a body organization could put us back in alignment instantly and make us feel refreshed after a good night’s sleep, strong and balanced in our posture, motivated and full of energy.
I’m The Willow Syster

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