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5 Unusual Tip’s On How To Burn Fat On Your Abdomen, Arms, Hips And Thighs.

From the video: “5 Ways To Burn More Fat: No Sports. No Diet.”
YouTube –

1). Did you know that eating the right calories, carbohydrates and fats actually helps to burn fat?

2). Did you know that stress makes you fat?
+ Meditation helps you sleep
+ Sleep prevents Stress
+ Stress free sleep burns fat.

3). Did you know that if you want to burn fat, do not use anything labeled:
+ Diet
+ Light
+ Fat-Free”.

4). Did you know that the two biggest errors are:
+ Thinking that counting calories, carbohydrates, or eating fat-free makes you fat-free
+ That sport is the best way to burn fat.
..Sport only burns about 20%, but proper nutrition accounts for over 80% of the fat we burn

5). Did you know that The Willow System has amazing solutions to help you burn fat better:
+ Willow System private sessions help you find individual solutions for stress
+ The Willow System Body Organization helps to restore the economic collaboration between your glands, organs and muscles
+ Rita Harrison’s Meditations & Autogenic Training provide you with stress-free relaxation and tranquility


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