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I’m 18 And Tired Of Being Molested – Help?

In my 3rd podcast I answer this question:

“My step-dad has molested me since I was 13 years old. He married my mom when I was about 11-12. I was not a social kid at all (I was pretty much antisocial), so I didn’t have friends to tell me about all the ‘sexual stuff’. My mom has been so blind throughout everything.

He was always friendly to me, but looking back now I can tell how ‘over friendly’ it really was.

He started off small, by asking me to sit one the other side of the room while he was taking a bath, and he would ask questions like “so you have never seen ‘that stuff’ before?” Then things escalated and escalated, until the point where he would come to my room every night to touch me and ‘play’.

He was very clever in doing it all. Because he did it in such a way that he can say “but I never forced you to do anything” and you may all think that it was my fault and that I asked for it.

What Can I do?

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Tired Of Being Molested

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