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This Is How You Stop Blocking Yourself

I will give a FREE Discovery Session to anyone who feels they’re holding themselves back. Blocking Yourself from Manifesting Your Desires Blocking Yourself From Love Blocking yourself from your goals … Email Me Now your name, phone number and where you live… and I’ll call you! See Image for Email Address

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Rice Krispies Anyone

The Ask Rita Show  Snap, Crackle and Pop Podcast 6, Question 2: My Knees And Ankles Crack & Pop Almost Every Time I Bend Them. How Do I Stop It & Why Does It Happen? Download The answer here: http://www.willow4u.com/podcast6 More Podcast By Rita Harrison Here: http://www.willow4u.com/ask/

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There’s no such thing as can’t: Heal the full package body, mind and soul

Imagine, you could jump-start your body, mind and soul for emotional healing, and move on to live the health, relationships and career you truly desire! If this sounds impossible, too much to ask for, too fantastic, or unreal, come and find out how it works, and turn blockages into resources. April 15 at 6:30pm  – Berkeley… Continue reading There’s no such thing as can’t: Heal the full package body, mind and soul

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I’m 18 And Tired Of Being Molested – Help?

In my 3rd podcast I answer this question: “My step-dad has molested me since I was 13 years old. He married my mom when I was about 11-12. I was not a social kid at all (I was pretty much antisocial), so I didn’t have friends to tell me about all the ‘sexual stuff’. My… Continue reading I’m 18 And Tired Of Being Molested – Help?