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How To Reset Your Normal

Everyone talks about the awakening of the feminine. But hardly anyone knows what to do about it in their every day life, that is full of tasks, family obligations and work. The result is that they slide back into the
”normal”, feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and even resentful.

I’d like to invite you to join us on a journey that accesses, celebrates, and nourishes the redeemed feminine untamed nature that has slumbered in us for so long, longing for guidance to unfold itself into a creative direction, full of clarity about who we are, and what we want to do with our potential.

The Path Of The Healed Woman
6 Steps That Make A Difference To What We Consider Normal

The upcoming Weekend Feminar “The Path Of The Healed Woman” will help us become aware of what pulls us back into the old stuck and unwanted. It will allow us to heal, and move forward with a new relationship towards ourselves, others and the collective feminine energy. A relationship built on a new, life-changing integration of “self” that redefines what we consider normal.

This is a time of tremendous transformation for all of us.

All you need to do right now is interrupt what you’re doing for a moment, take a break from what you’ve considered “normal”, and make a new choice for yourself which includes: daring to be healed, enlightened, and receptive for love…

Click here to pay online, or to contact me for more details

Love, and blessings
Rita Harrison

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There’s no such thing as can’t: Heal the full package body, mind and soul

Imagine, you could jump-start your body, mind and soul for emotional healing, and move on to live the health, relationships and career you truly desire! If this sounds impossible, too much to ask for, too fantastic, or unreal, come and find out how it works, and turn blockages into resources. April 15 at 6:30pm  – Berkeley… Continue reading There’s no such thing as can’t: Heal the full package body, mind and soul

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Are You The Only One Standing In Your Way?

I know you’re all working hard to build yourselves a better life, to be more happy, loving and grateful, to take care of your body, live well, be active and help the environment to make this a wonderful place for your children. Life would be great if outside forces stopped throwing salt into the soup.… Continue reading Are You The Only One Standing In Your Way?

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Time For New Beginnings

As you probably know the time between Christmas and New Year is the best time to get unstuck and move forward. This means that this special phase can be used for a personal reboot to remove all the garbage of this year, and step into the New Year with a fresh and clear mind, body… Continue reading Time For New Beginnings

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To Be Happy, Own Your Power

Welcome to my Have A Great Sunday Video Post.

How to own your power, fulfill your dreams and create a world where everybody wins. Life is supposed to be easy and joyful. Let me show you how EASY it can be.