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I’m Pain Free

Years of postural stress, from kitchen work to mural and ceiling painting, Left me for years with a painful pain in my shoulders and neck. I tried acupuncture, chiropractors adjustments, and physical deep massage therapy… Pain And Discomfort After several visit at an osteopath office, I was told that I was suffering from arthritis in… Continue reading I’m Pain Free

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Self-Help For Stress, Tension And Migraine Headaches

Do It Yourself Acupressure: Benefits For You: + Liberation from tension and stress + Release form nausea, depression, migraine headache, tension headaches and dizziness + Relief from problems focusing (EYES), neck pain and shoulder pain.

Let me know if it helps, or about problems you are having.

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Self-Help For Stress, Tension And Migraine Headaches

Rita Harrison (HPpt) Developer of The Willow System Treatment
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