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The Eyes, Neck Pain And Migraine Headaches

Sit up and take notice… Literally, because frequent headaches and neck pain are connected and the biggest culprit is poor posture. Most people who spend hours each day sitting in front of a computer do so leaning too far forward or to the side. This is a prescription for strained muscles in the neck and… Continue reading The Eyes, Neck Pain And Migraine Headaches

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How To Muscle Test Yourself

Learn Self Muscle Testing For Allergies And Intolerance To Food! Acquire valuable resources through the power of Kinesiology, while benefiting from a little extra confirmation and a lot more clarity! Become an expert in testing optimal choices for yourself and others. See the video here: Jan White said: “Very interesting, informational, and extremely interested… Continue reading How To Muscle Test Yourself

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To Be Happy, Own Your Power

Welcome to my Have A Great Sunday Video Post.

How to own your power, fulfill your dreams and create a world where everybody wins. Life is supposed to be easy and joyful. Let me show you how EASY it can be.

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The Coccyx Chakra: How To Work With Age Of Aquarius Chakra System

As you may or may not know. I developed AYM (Active Yoga Meditation) for Women and for the Men who dare. This video is a part of the AYM @ Home DVD (Available in November 2014) and is about working with the BASE or Coccyx Chakra. Lets call it AYM Basics Part One.

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AYM: For Finance And Existence Problems

Rita Harrison (HPpt) Developer of The Willow System Treatment

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